How To: Install Inkscape on Mac OS X (10.5.4) Leopard

Incscape iconI recently tried to install an Open Source vector graphics editor called Inkscape. It wasn’t as easy, as I thought: the App doesn’t start… First start dialog appears, after clicking “OK” Inkscape quits.

After I made a lot of researches I’ve found how to make it work. 

So here’s solution:

0. I assume you have already downloaded and installed Inkscape on your mac
1. go to XQuartz web site
2. download and install the the latest X11.pkg version
3. right click and choose “Show Package Contents”
4. go to Contents/Resources.
5. double click on “opendoc”. A script should run and UI should appear showing a blank document.

After that, the whole thing is fixed. You no longer have to launch X11 or anything. Just click on the Inkscape icon as you’d expect.


Green Grey – 550MF (cover)

500×500 px